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I'm Nora

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I like to describe myself as a trained computer scientist, which hints at the long path I took to be where I am now. Currently, I am a tech lead, an AI manager to be specific in the smart city industry; using cutting-edge technologies to build robust AI solutions end-to-end. I am a strong believer in the efficacy of getting one's hand dirty; I have extensive practical experience in the data science pipeline and in developing machine learning models. I find it intriguing to pull good ol' computational thinking tricks to solve problems in the real world, I enjoy AI problem formulation and ML modeling, both are artistic in their own sense! I am also interested in the ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence and in developing interpretable machine learning models and explainable AI (XAI). I have gotten myself into way too deep discussions about AI as a science and an art, flipping all cards on the table as to: can a machine think? What does it mean to have a thinking machine? What is "thinking" after all?

Please refer to my Linked-in Page for a more detailed resume!

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